Silence is seriously underestimated in our society

Silence is seriously underestimated in our society.
I mean…
Amsterdam during a global pandemic sounds like a building site.
All the dutchies are renovating their houses.
Spending money to keep on going in the same way which leaded us to the pandemic.
The priority is the economy,
The haircut,
The pub,
Eventually the gym,
And finally the job.
Just to reinforce the feeling of control and safety.
Maybe this society want to lose the possibility of slowing down…
Personally… I don’t.
I don’t want more money, I want more freedom.
I don’t want more jobs, I want more happiness.
I don’t want things back to normal, I want things forward to the future!
And if society isn’t ready for it…
I guess I will move forward by myself.

Amsterdam swan

Having fun while respecting social distancing Hunter’s coffeeshop

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