Hunter’s coffeeshop

Dreamsterdam review about Hunter’s coffeeshop.

Basically… they are selling crap since 1985! They have an infamous reputation, they always have been commercial stuff and they always will!

This is what I always thought but yesterday night I was in Amsterdam noord and due the lack of options I went in Hunter’s coffeeshop to buy some hashish.

I knew was a bad idea but I hoped they could serve at least one decent hashish.

It didn’t take me long time to realise I made a mistake.

I actually purchased their most “popular” hashish for a decent price (7.20 per gram).

Hunter's coffeeshop hashish

By the time I had the time to smoke it I finally got completely disappointed.

Basically it got no taste, for a similar price in Amsterdam is definitely possible to smoke something better without even going to Amsterdam noord.

So Hunter’s coffeeshop confirm its bad reputation, the best advice about this place is: avoid it!

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