How to block facebook ads

In the last weeks I noticed how facebook ads really annoyed me.

how to block facebook ads

I honestly don’t want to see random stuff, especially from Wish, which is almost disgusting sometimes. So I started to look for a solution, here is what I found out: First of all, if you are not using Brave as browser, you definitely should. Why? This is because Brave is a really safe browser and is even PAYING you to browse the internet. We don’t talk about millions but normally when you go on internet you get to see a lot of ads and you never get anything back. With Brave the Ad Block is included within the browser. Most of the ads will be blocked automatically but facebook ads can be disappear with a couple of clicks. Now I will show you how to see only the ads you are paid for!

Click on the top right of the screen to open the option menu, then click on the “Brave Ad Block” and finally go to look for the Custom Filters. Now just copy and paste the lines below:$third-party^$third-party^$third-party^$third-party,|^$third-party,|$third-party$popup,$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party$third-party^$third-party,$third-party$third-party$third-party^$third-party,xmlhttprequest^$third-party,^$third-party,$third-party^$third-party,

This method will work on any browser! I tested it with Chrome, Firefox and Brave, as long as you use AdBlock Plus or anything similar, it will work smoothly!

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