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Welcome to DreAmsterdam! This blog is born from the desire to share some of my stories, experiences, ideas and of course dreams! During my life I learned day by day more and more how our time, dreams, emotions…Are the most precious thing we have. I am one of the people born before this smartphone fever exploded around the globe… I still remember the time I used to spend hours on IRCnet, when user friendly was still meaning ” I don’t know how to use my own computer ” and to have a website was necessary to actually use at least a little bit the mind to go through a creative process. Than Facebook arrived and all this disappeared, we got used to share our ideas, thoughts, picture and sometimes even part of private life just with one click. With that click we give automatically the right to someone else to collect and use our information without giving us anything back. I started thinking how many hours I spent on Facebook creating contents for a small group of people or just scrolling and scrolling without even knowing anymore why and I sadly realise how much a waste of time it was. So I decided to start this blog in a way to be the owner of my own virtual life, I really like writing and sharing ideas and here I don’t have any iLike to collect. Anything written down can be found easily on Google so if by any chance I gonna write something interesting it will be available for everyone is looking for it. So yeah… This has been the dream which brings me here and now… Let’s see what gonna come next. Enjoy life… Sharing is caring!

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