How to find good weed in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam there are many coffeeshops, some of them can be tricky or even dodgy.

That’s why I decided to write some suggestions about how to find good weed in Amsterdam and most probably in the rest of the world.

Lately many additives are often used to increase the weight, change the smell, give a bud a more dense looking (PGR).
Also different contaminations can be found.

In Amsterdam is really common to find mold and spider mites due the high humidity and the not legal conditions growers have to deal with.
At the same time there is no quality control for the weed in Netherlands.
This is because weed is TOLERATED which it makes NOT LEGAL to grow for commercial purposes.
This situation is creating a dodgy market for a plant which if used correctly is having much more benefits than side effects.

So wherever we go the golden rule is always smell before buying!

Names are there just to catch your attention and give more value to a simple flower so here it is what you are supposed to expect:

Hashish supposed to smell floreal, sometimes almost spicy!

Most of the hashish is coming from Morocco and they use many different plants together during the process.
You are expecting to find not such a “flat” taste/aroma.
Some maroccans hash can smell almost earthy or like pine.
Sometimes for me… they smell like “mountains”.
Anyway the structure doesn’t supposed to be so dry at room temperature.
It can get really hard only if you keep it in the cold.

Hashish is always supposed to be rolled without using a lighter to “make it softer”.
If you need to do so… is a shitty hash.
Cannabis supposed to be compact, not much leafy with an intense and pungent aroma.
Tourists in Amsterdam are looking most of the time for an “energetic and happy smoke”.
Amnesia Haze/Silver Haze is the most popular choice in this case
The smell should be really strong, kind of sweet and “hazy” at the same time.
There are few different phenotypes around with slightly different aroma and they are sold under different names.
Always watch out if you see names like “Strawberry/Banana/Melon/Apple”.
Some places are actually spraying the weed with artificial aromas which might be dangerous to consume and really pricey to buy.
If you like a good indica try to find a nice cheese or kush the smell is outstanding and the effect as well.

Using your senses… you gonna find out that some “cheaper stuff” is actually better then the expensive one!

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