Coffeeshop The Stud

located in the east of Amsterdam, this coffeeshop is a worth the trip!

First of all the Oost it is a beautiful neighborhood where different cultures mix together.

Often is possible to see some market where india meet suriname, turkey and so onCoffeeshop the stud menu

There are around 100 languages spoken in this neighborhood!

The surrounding is much more peaceful than the city centre, food is cheaper,

more exotic and most of the time better of what you can find close to dam square.

In this nice area there is the coffeeshop the stud.

It is a nice place to visit if you would like to experience something more “local” and authentic.

The menu of this coffeeshop seems interesting for everybody

doesn’t matter if you like something cheap or more expensive, here you can browse and find exactly the kind of smoke you are looking for.

Personally I went to look for some hashish.

I actually wanted to try some of their shoreline hash, especially because I have seen they test their hashish also for contaminants. (See picture below)

Hashish analysis reportShoreline hashish

The Stud Coffeeshop is serving shoreline hashish for 12 euro per gram or 2.5 grams for 27 euros.

This is not the price you like to pay if you are a local but is still a good quality and a good deal, especially for tourists who normally pay the same with the risk to end up with some commercial quality.

Let’s stop all the chit-chat and get down to work…

Shoreline Hashish

This shoreline hashish smells really nice, the texture is soft, creamy and “gently” sticky at the same time.

The smoke is pleasant, is the kind of hash I would easily smoke all day long.

The aroma is really enjoyable, maybe not so pungent like shoreline itself but still smooth and delicate.

About the effect… I just had a joint while writing this post and I got immediately hungry!

This is meaning, according to my tolerance, that this hash it might be strong if you are not used to consume cannabis on a daily basis.

In such a case just consume something with sugar before having your spliff,

Killer Joint :-D


find a peaceful spot and enjoy this nice smoke!


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