Coffeeshop Johnny

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, especially for potheads. Unfortunately there are kind of too many places selling overpriced low quality stuff.

That’s why today I am sharing with you some helpful informations to spot the best smoke in town.

For this coffeeshop Johnny will not disappoint you.

Johnny coffeeshop is located in Jordaan, which is a really cute part of Amsterdam. You gonna find it in Elandsgracht 3, really close to a supermarket and some really nice restaurants in case of munchies!

I like this coffeeshop because is slightly cheaper than many others places but at the same is keeping a good quality.

I’m used to check my weed/hash with 200x microscope so I’m really spoiled and I’m constantly looking for superior quality… Here is a picture I took of their sour diesel hash!

I really like the taste of it, the structure and the effect. Price is also reasonable, 8.50 euros per gram. Also their lemon haze hash is really nice smoke, smells really fresh when you touch it and also when you smoke it! The price is also affordable, 9.50 euro per gram. Also their weed is worth a try, the banana kush is definitely doing well and also the mango haze had an incredible aroma! One thing is important to mention: the coffeeshop Johnny is really small, isn’t exactly the place to stop for a smoke but is definitely the place to stop by to get some good dope!

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