Coffeeshop Het Ballonnetje

This morning I got curious about the coffeeshop het Ballonnetje,  on their instangram account I have seen something which I could like… Plus my stash was empty so I decided there and get a look. This coffeeshop is in a really nice neighbourhood and it’s having a really nice atmosphere, I don’t go there so often but I know the menu is decent and price aren’t too expensive.I did not feel to take the most pricey stuff so I decided to try some of the Gardella hash. The dealer was kind and told me this hash is a mix of a good classic moroccan hash and some of pakistani still coming from morocco. Because I love paki hash I took 10 euros of it. It is looking and smelling nice for 8,50 euros per gram…


So I got back home to prepare a nice coffee and joint and finally test this product. At the moment I smoke the first spliff and went really smooth… so smooth I am thinking to roll another one to test it better. For now I can tell is kind of nice, it could give more a kind of oily feeling for my taste but as you might know I am really spoiled for my smoke… that’s why I like to write some fair reviews 🙂 For sure the coffeeshop Het Ballonnetje is worth a try and I might come back there to test some more stuff. It is also coffeeshop to go for a nice walk, it is close to the Artis Zoo and Waterlooplein, so get high and enjoy the view!

Gardella hashish from Het Ballonnetje

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