Cannabis rEvolution

Working in Amsterdam gave me the opportunity to discover more about the history of cannabis in many different ways. I had and I still have the opportunity to see the market changing and with it also the approach to cannabis itself by all the people from around the world coming all the time to smoke peacefully a joint on the streets of Amsterdam. I have been working in the cannabis business long enough and with different roles to see what’s really going on behind the scenes and all the marketing created around this plant. Because if there is something we should never forget is that cannabis is just a plant. This society has been really judgemental about the concept of “drugs”… Because this is what we are talking about… The war on drugs is a war against people with no benefit for the society and the public health. How is possible that cannabis supposed to be illegal or immoral and antidepressants are not? Because antidepressants are a medicine and cannabis not? Cannabis has been used as a medicine for long time before this crazy prohibition, in the meanwhile recent studies are showing how antidepressants are not working in the way they are promoted. Basically what has been found out is this:
Most patients taking antidepressants either don’t respond or have only partial response. In fact, success is considered just a 50 percent improvement in half of depressive symptoms. And this minimal result is achieved in less than half the patients taking antidepressants.

That’s a pretty dismal record. It’s only made worse by the fact that 86 percent of people taking antidepressants have one or more side effects, including sexual dysfunction, fatigue, insomnia, loss of mental abilities, nausea, and weight gain. […]

So there is all the scientific evidence showing how cannabis could be a better medicine than antidepressants especially considering that vaporised cannabis doesn’t have any significant side effects, not even in the lungs and can significantly improve the life of many people being a safe alternative to the pharmaceutical social accepted painkillers which are basically more close to hard drugs than medicines. And is not just my pothead seeing this… As this article can show to you..

Addiction to painkillers in America is at ‘epidemic’ levels and one of the ‘greatest mistakes of modern medicine’, admits former FDA chief

This scenario is creating a lack of trust against pharmaceutical industries and governments which is bringing people to look for information online through independent sites with different kind of results. What is sure is that the cannabis business with all its opportunities and applications is becoming more and more popular to a peak breaking point. It became normal to see CBD products, an incredible amount of people had positive healing experience using cannabis. Even people whom never thought about cannabis never before in their life. I even have seen people giving cbd to their pets or doctors buying a bunch of it for their patients back home out of Holland. More than ever is the right time to have a green rEvolution. With the cannabis plant we could fix many aspects of our life starting with using it instead of plastic reducing the ridicolous amount of waste we produce on our planet instead of actually enjoying it… Maybe smoking some weed ? keep it green!

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