There is nothing else in life more pleasant than making our dreams true.

With this spirit I left my hometown years ago, full of dreams and hope, believining in it, seeing it, acting on it.

I was younger, my english was really poor but I decided to move to Amsterdam anyway, following my vision instead of any fear.
Without even realising what I was actually doing I found myself in a whole new adventure.

This let me to discover so many different emotions, different journeys, different lifes…

Overnight I realized how much beauty and love we can feel when we truly live our dreams.

So here I am… just sharing my dreams

Feel free to contact me for any question!






Can you upload the latest menu of coffeeshop the Stud. If you send me an email I can reply with a screenshot of their photo


Ciao Dre sono Patrick, ho provato a contattarti su Facebook. Ci siamo conosciuti 5 anni fa ad Amsterdam, mi hai ospitato presso l’universitá. Ho una proposta di Lavoro da farti

ciao, non ho aggiornato questo sito in un bel po’. come va la vita? e il business? big up!

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