Covid times

I’m aware that I cannot travel back in time.
I would love it tho!
Coz wherever I look… Corona is always the topic.
Mask, no mask, vaccinations, complaints and so on.
I miss the time when corona used to be just a beer!
We used to love each other or at least we could try.
Instead we spent the last months arguing about nothing.
Sure I understand how pain can become anger.
But covering up our pain with anger will not improve anything.
That’s why I guess sometimes isn’t easy to show our vulnerabilities.
This creates an endless amount of bullshit in our lives.
That’s why I’m writing these words, to break this vicious circle of being right or wrong.
I don’t know anything more than you do.
The only thing I know is that:
We are all one.
We are all suffering from this situation.
Nobody likes to live in lockdown.
It gets difficult to see any future and memories find their way back to trigger nostalgia.
We all miss traveling, loving, hugging, dancing.
We don’t need to make up excuses for that.
There isn’t any government to blame, society has been never perfect.
All it matters now is how we feel..
And I wish you to feel loved.
Alive Silence

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