1e Hulp Coffeeshop Amsterdam

My dear stoners this post is about the 1e Hulp Coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

This coffeeshop has been always popular between locals but recently more and more tourist are hitting it especially because they can find produc like moonrocks. Personally I am a regular hashish smoker so this time I got some amnesia hash for 9 euros per gram.

For amsterdam prices 9 euro per gram is more or less the basic to buy some decent hashish in a coffeeshop so I was really curious. Actually is looking really nice, smelling like a good classic Moroccan hash with some spicy tones of amnesia smell. Once rolled it isn’t expressing it’s flavour at the best. Isn’t bad but isn’t so great as well. Kind of good for the price and almost impossible to find anywhere else something similar for the same budget so is definitely a recommended hashish if you want to don’t spend too much cash…

Next review will be about some crazy hash… Stay tuned

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