Coffeeshop Green Place

The Green Place Coffeeshop…

Green Place Coffeeshop

… is located in Kloveniersburgwal 4 which is basically in Nieuwmarkt, close to the red light district and the central station. This coffeeshop open around 9 I guess so is a good one for an early smoke as well.

Their menu is having different prices, I normally avoid their “Jack herer” or other fancy named cheap weed and I focus more on their silver bubble which for the price is really kicking ass. We talk around 10 euro per gram and the quality is really really nice, buds are compact, with a good smell and they definitely will get you high 🙂

If you have some more cash to spend for sure you can try some of their weed for 15/16 euros per gram, kind of pricey for my standard (is just a f*cking plant…) but normally the quality is really fine, this coffeeshop had also won some cannabis cup so they try to keep the quality high for the top shelf products. Indeed you can also try some hash! Even tho I suggest to spend at least 14 euros per gram or even 18 to try something special.

I tried some of their don perignon hash, 14 euro per gram and was indeed a nice smoke, just a little bit overpriced for my standard but everything cost more in such a neighborhood so I don’t think is worth complaining 🙂

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Coffeeshop Het Ballonnetje

This morning I got curious about the coffeeshop het Ballonnetje,  on their instangram account I have seen something which I could like… Plus my stash was empty so I decided there and get a look. This coffeeshop is in a really nice neighbourhood and it’s having a really nice atmosphere, I don’t go there so often but I know the menu is decent and price aren’t too expensive.

I did not feel to take the most pricey stuff so I decided to try some of the Gardella hash. The dealer was kind and told me this hash is a mix of a good classic moroccan hash and some of pakistani still coming from morocco. Because I love paki hash I took 10 euros of it. It is looking and smelling nice for 8,50 euros per gram…

Gardella hashish from Het Ballonnetje

So I got back home to prepare a nice coffee and joint and finally test this product. At the moment I smoke the first spliff and went really smooth… so smooth I am thinking to roll another one to test it better. For now I can tell is kind of nice, it could give more a kind of oily feeling for my taste but as you might know I am really spoiled for my smoke… that’s why I like to write some fair reviews 🙂 For sure the coffeeshop Het Ballonnetje is worth a try and I might come back there to test some more stuff. It is also coffeeshop to go for a nice walk, it is close to the Artis Zoo and Waterlooplein, so get high and enjoy the view!

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Smoking hash in… De loft Coffeeshop

Is a new day and I wish all of you are celebrating it. Personally I like to do so already in the morning with a nice coffee and joint so this time I’m smoking hash in De Loft coffeeshop.

The menu is not of the most expensive but for the real stuff is better to go around a price of 10 euros per gram. Indeed this time I’m smoking some of their Tropicana hashish. Is a nederhash so it can be around 28℅ THC, the structure is nice and the smell clean.

It could be a little bit more aromatic for my taste but for sure is effective to smoke 🙂 comparing with some others prices/stuff in Amsterdam is for sure worth a try.  If you are an hashish smoker you could also try their 24k hash. Is one of the most tasty in town for the price (11€ per gram). Is sticky on the fingers when you roll a joint and smell like weed in the whole house when is burning.

Is a really nice smoke, tasty and effective, excellent if you are visiting amsterdam and you would like to experience what smoking hashish is about 🙂

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1e Hulp Coffeeshop Amsterdam

My dear stoners this post is about the 1e Hulp Coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

 This coffeeshop has been always popular between locals but recently more and more tourist are hitting it especially because they can find produc like moonrocks. Personally I am a regular hashish smoker so this time I got some amnesia hash for 9 euros per gram.

For amsterdam prices 9 euro per gram is more or less the basic to buy some decent hashish in a coffeeshop so I was really curious. Actually is looking really nice, smelling like a good classic Moroccan hash with some spicy tones of amnesia smell. Once rolled it isn’t expressing it’s flavour at the best. Isn’t bad but isn’t so great as well. Kind of good for the price and almost impossible to find anywhere else something similar for the same budget so is definitely a recommended hashish if you want to don’t spend too much cash… Continue reading →

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Boerejongens coffeeshop: Hash Test

Boerejongens coffeeshop: Hash Test

boerejongens coffeeshop amsterdam

This is a review about the hashish in the boerejongens coffeeshop in Amsterdam. I was focusing my research about a good hashish to smoke, I did not mind about how strong it supposed to be, all my concerns were about the taste and many people around are talking good about this coffeeshop so even tho isn’t one of my favourite I decided to give it another try.

So there I went and the moment I join I realized it changed quite much since I went there last time… nowadays every dealer is dressing white like a doctor and the monitor is on a screen which isn’t showing anything until I ask to the dealer about hash and finally I get on the screen the hash menu. First thing pop up in my mind is “everything is called “block” here…and it doesn’t sound attractive to me at all”. Anyway I ask to smell some white choco block and it smelt kind of nice for 8,50 euros per gram so I decided to purchase a gram. Here is a picture

I didn’t have any joint yet when I went to roll this one I was really happy to finally have my coffee and joint, which is my ritual to start a day so that’s why I am so freak about a good taste 🙂 Anyway I roll it up with my usual setting for a good hash test: 0,3g of hash with 0,40g of tobacco… So time to smoke it… a sip of coffee, a couple of puff and I had sadly to realize it is not what I was looking for. The hash I like is smoking slowly for how oily it is, its taste get totally over the tobacco and any puff is like “opening the lungs” like eucalyptus because the taste is so fresh and aromatic.

In this case with the white choco block it smells really nicer when you don’t smoke it. Is like a good way to give a nice smell to my house but inhaling it isn’t giving the same feeling. Is really light smoke for my standard. not so powerful taste and not so strong effect. Is true that for how the prices are in Amsterdam is a sort of decent smoke but if you can afford to pay 0,50 cents more per gram (so 9 euros) you can go to 1 Hulp Coffeeshop and purchase some of their Amnesia hash which is definitely more tasty and enjoyable.

Anyway I decided to try also something else to get out a good hash test from the boerejongens coffeeshop. Looking their menu I noticed wasn’t worth to spend like 12 euros for some Tbizla which supposed to be just a good kind of normal hash coming from morocco. So I tried their Magic Green for 10 euros per gram which was looking like this:

Isn’t looking bad and when is in your hands also smell kind of nice but when you go to smoke it… is not so good. The white choco block cost less and is better for my taste, this one I did not enjoy the smoke at all and for the price it really sucks so that’s why I think I will never come back to the boerejongens coffeeshop to buy some hash. Maybe their weed is better but for now I will just walk somewhere else to buy my smoke.

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windows 7 activator

After a friend of mine left a computer in my house with Windows 7 I found myself in trouble to activate it.

I had Linux since years and basically I totally forgot about windows so I had to try different loaders / crack / keygen before finding one working seriously. I like to mention I really f*cked up my Windows 7 trying so many solutions… no one of which was really working. Finally one day I found this Windows Loader v 2.2.2 and I got an excellent job done within 2 minutes! Here you gonna find some links to download it, the password to unzip is windows.


Download? 😉


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Samsung remote exploit

Is your smartphone really smart? It seems definitely not… Apparently is still possible in 2017 to hack a phone with just an SMS. To be more accurate in this scenario is possible to let some kind of Samsung phones having an infinite reboot which forces the user to reset his phone.  This became really easy against S4, S4 Mini, S5 and Note 4 using the public information related with the CVE-2016-7988 and CVE-2016-7989. Is important to say that Samsung S6 or S7 are not affected in the same way by this vulnerability but could still be possible to inject some hack code trough a malicious application to exploit such models. Fortunately this vulns got a patch as well which was released in last November so if you didn’t update your phone I strongly suggest you to do it now!

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Cannabis rEvolution

Working in Amsterdam gave me the opportunity to discover more about the history of cannabis in many different ways. I had and I still have the opportunity to see the market changing and with it also the approach to cannabis itself by all the people from around the world coming all the time to smoke peacefully a joint on the streets of Amsterdam. I have been working in the cannabis business long enough and with different roles to see what’s really going on behind the scenes and all the marketing created around this plant. Because if there is something we should never forget is that cannabis is just a plant. This society has been really judgemental about the concept of “drugs”… Because this is what we are talking about… The war on drugs is a war against people with no benefit for the society and the public health. How is possible that cannabis supposed to be illegal or immoral and antidepressants are not? Because antidepressants are a medicine and cannabis not? Cannabis has been used as a medicine for long time before this crazy prohibition, in the meanwhile recent studies are showing how antidepressants are not working in the way they are promoted. Basically what has been found out is this:
Most patients taking antidepressants either don’t respond or have only partial response. In fact, success is considered just a 50 percent improvement in half of depressive symptoms. And this minimal result is achieved in less than half the patients taking antidepressants.

That’s a pretty dismal record. It’s only made worse by the fact that 86 percent of people taking antidepressants have one or more side effects, including sexual dysfunction, fatigue, insomnia, loss of mental abilities, nausea, and weight gain. […]

So there is all the scientific evidence showing how cannabis could be a better medicine than antidepressants especially considering that vaporised cannabis doesn’t have any significant side effects, not even in the lungs and can significantly improve the life of many people being a safe alternative to the pharmaceutical social accepted painkillers which are basically more close to hard drugs than medicines. And is not just my pothead seeing this… As this article can show to you..

Addiction to painkillers in America is at ‘epidemic’ levels and one of the ‘greatest mistakes of modern medicine’, admits former FDA chief

This scenario is creating a lack of trust against pharmaceutical industries and governments which is bringing people to look for information online through independent sites with different kind of results. What is sure is that the cannabis business with all its opportunities and applications is becoming more and more popular to a peak breaking point. It became normal to see CBD products, an incredible amount of people had positive healing experience using cannabis. Even people whom never thought about cannabis never before in their life. I even have seen people giving cbd to their pets or doctors buying a bunch of it for their patients back home out of Holland. More than ever is the right time to have a green rEvolution. With the cannabis plant we could fix many aspects of our life starting with using it instead of plastic reducing the ridicolous amount of waste we produce on our planet instead of actually enjoying it… Maybe smoking some weed 😉 keep it green!

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Fashion is dead

Fashion is dead

I am born in the ’80s, I was waiting for this moment since quite long time. I still remember when I was a kid and my mother was trying to let me dress the most “fashion” stuff but I always dislike that kind of concept. So… finally… for the “joy” of my mother and many other people out there I can say… FASHION IS DEAD!

Fashion is dead

As always in marketing the big companies adapt their product to what they think the customer wants. If in the last 30 years or more we lived in a myth of ” I am because I dress ” which was made on purpose to sell stuff overpriced. Today with internet and smartphones getting over people can order and customize their stuff getting unique pieces of art for so much less money than any fashion brand. Especially the most young generation is really not interested in brands at all, Li Edelkoort in 2015 was already mentioning how fashion is going to die, now big brands like Abercombie, Polo Ralph Lauren and American Eagle reduced drastically the size of their logos making it sometimes almost invisible making the sale of the logo itself basically ridicolous.

With the success of website like etsy and all the app related with the sharing economy the big companies gonna have to find new ways to keep selling chinese stuff for 50x time is value. Maybe slowly slowly we gonna find a way out from all this uncontrolled capitalistic world made where something like the 8% of the people possess all the resources needed to satisfy the whole planet. #ThinkDifferent #BurnBabylon

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